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 Chair Stairlift SC108 SITES
With Margherita Chair Stairlfit, going up and down the stairs becomes a pleasure.
Margherita is freedom of movement with maximum comfort.

A simple and minimalist seat and backrest, and just the right dimensions to ensure maximum comfort.

Excellent functionality thanks to the rotating seat, the armrests and footrests designed to provide firm support when sitting and getting up.
Simple to use, Margherita Chair Stairlift works at the switch of a button whilst the user rests their arms on the armrests..
The floor controls enable the chair to be moved with ease, allowing users to call it or send it to the desired position.

Thanks to its folding seat, armrests and footrests, the compact Margherita Chair Stairlift can be closed when in the resting position to ensure it takes up as little room as possible.

Margherita Chair Stairlift is equipped with systems that guarantee the safety of the user and those using the staircase.

The rail, which can be fixed to the stairs or the wall, is smooth and rounded, and does not need to be lubricated.

The height of the rail, generally parallel with the knees, ensures that there is no risk of tripping for those going up and down the stairs.

Maximum hygiene and cleanliness ensured by the completely dry rail, the seat and armrests in washable material, with no covers.

Quick and simple installation on any type of staircase, whether straight or curved, with inside or outside positioning, or both.

Margherita Chair Stairlift is ideal in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Product designed and manufactured in Italy.
SC108 | Chair Stairlift SC108
Chair Stairlift SC108

SC108 | Chair Stairlift SC108
Chair Stairlift SC108

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